Biobord Development Process -report

Sept. 16, 2020 | Bioeconomy Campus

If you have ever wondered what kind of development process there has been behind Biobord-platform, you should read our final report. Biobord-platfrom has been developed in RDI2CluB-project (funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region). Project is ending now in September 2020, but luckily the platform will stay active with the support of Biobord Network. Development process of the platform continues in the extension stage project called ConnectedByBiobord (funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region). New project starts in October 2020.

From this report you may study the development methods used in the development process of Biobord-platform, and hopefully utilize same methods.

Biobord Development Process

More information available on Open Biobord Forum!