Updated Biobord!

June 1, 2020 | Bioeconomy Campus

After a long development period, Biobord platform has been updated according to its users’ requests! It is now more simple, easier to use and more visual.

What is new ?
• New, more describing, and simpler front page
• New about-page that contains information about the RDI2CluB -project behind the platform
• Improved network map that shows Biobord Network’s organizations
• Simplified Biobord Forum, with just three main categories (User Support, Open Biobord and On Stage): easier to post something on Biobord
• Renewed tag-system (specific tags with visual icons and color coding): easy to see what the topic is about
• Better descriptions of the forum’s project group and regional groups: chance to find new projects, experts, and information
• We are always happy to receive feedback and improvement ideas: so we created a topic where to share your ideas
• We also wish to hear your requests for a bioeconomy themed webinar (On Stage event): we created a topic for that as well

Register now on Biobord and join the transnational discussion! It is easier than ever!