Upgraded Biobord was launched – what changed?

Jan. 17, 2020 | Bioeconomy Campus

In November 2019, we collected feedback from Biobord users and carried out focus group discussions with Biobord network members to improve the user experience and services of Biobord. Feedback was applied directly to the technical development and upgrading of the Biobord Operating Model. Now, the changes have been implemented and an updated Biobord launched.

The improvements entail several small technical adjustments, visual outlook update as well as integration of totally new features. For registered users, Biobord now offers a document management system under the ‘Resources’ headline. A document management system connected to the Biobord Forum is for sharing, storing and managing the resources of projects, teams and networks.

Furthermore, matchmaking and networking services of the Biobord Forum were upgraded, and the service experience developed based on the feedback from pilot users. In the next phase of the piloting, a dedicated Biobord staff will guide the new users in usage of the ‘Open Biobord Forum’ matchmaking forum, ‘Biobord On Stage’ web-events and ‘Biobord Network Actions’ information sharing forum. Help is available also via the new ‘Helpdesk’ ticketing system as well as ‘Biobord User Support’ forum.

The upgraded Biobord Operating Model with several user manuals and guides is now available at Biobord User Support.The report and connected guides provide updated information of Biobord services for network members and users as applied in the second round of piloting started on January 15, 2020.