Bioeconomy Campus

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Bioeconomy campus in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi, has provided agricultural education for nearly 150 years. The Campus is home to two bioeconomy training and research and development education institutions: the natural resources department of the Vocational Institute of Northern Central Finland (POKE) and the JAMK Institute of Bioeconomy.

The Bioeconomy Campus can serve as a concrete meeting place for industry entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, developers and students. Company and education requirements form the starting point of the area development – the goals are to illustrate the structures and functions of a future bioeconomy society and to offer the opportunity to test new solutions.

In Central Finland the well-being is based on bioeconomy business such as forestry, paper and pulp industry and related machinery industries. The region aims to use its natural resources wisely. Bioeconomy campus is inspiring environment for resource-wise bioeconomy business development, expertise exchange and lifelong learning.

The community of practice researches, develops and promotes new business based on renewable natural resources. It especially invests in creation of innovative operating models and services, development of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as encourages support start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In development work, the community of practice intelligently combines competences from different fields of operation, and aims at the growth of value added biomass. It supports bold experiments in the commercialization of bioeconomic solutions. It operates actively in national as well as international bioeconomy networks.