JAMK InnoFlash

Bioeconomy Campus | JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Bioeconomy

JAMK InnoFlash is a well-tested and effective way of learning how to innovate. It is based on real-life challenges and it produces both ready-to-use and imaginative solutions and concepts.

One of the goals of JAMK InnoFlash is to provide the participants with a Design Thinking-type problem-solving method. The method is also used and taught by the world’s leading business schools as an operating model for diversified, multi-disciplinary development groups.

During the JAMK InnoFlash, the participants will solve real working life problems in multidisciplinary teams by means of the design thinking method. In accordance with the method, the participants will focus on both customer and business perspectives. The InnoFlash results in a tried-and-tested solution concept.

JAMK InnoFlash is independent of time or the place. There is desired amount of participants to every group. Please ask more from the contact person. New website will be available soon!