Biobord network: Sustainable Food System - joint agenda

June 22, 2021 | Vidzeme, Latvia

One of the main outputs of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project ConnectedByBiobord was to deliver Joint Agendas to forward practical co-operation of the Biobord network members (RDI2CluB project partners and ConnectedByBiobord partners) within the selected themes, after the project lifetime.

One of the selected themes was ´Sustainable Food System´. The Joint Agenda was formulated between five international partners:

Food Innovation Pilot addressed the challenge targeting many Baltic Sea region food processors. The food industry, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), are increasingly tackling with European and global society and food market demands for environmental sustainability, as well as fierce local and global competition.

Many food processors are trying to find niche for production of food or food ingredients from plant origin raw materials, as well obtain from plants ingredients for different food products and beverages. New protein sources, especially plant-based proteins, and new plant-based food products are on the agenda of many companies.

Innovative, economically justified technologies for extrusion of valuable compounds from plants and their introduction into new or known products, as well production of plant-based proteins can significantly support the enterprises in finding niche and strengthening their position in the market, as well would promote decrease of the negative climate effect of food production and introduce options for climate-friendly food consumption.

In order to search for solutions, the innovation process was organized in the ConnectedByBiobord-project and Joint Agenda of sustainable food system -theme was created by utilizing Business Model Canvas as a tool. The canvas describes the value proposition of the plan, target groups, key resources, channels and funding opportunities. The aim of the canvas is to display easily the main aspects of the plan, so that it is easy for anyone to join the co-working. Please find the full canvas from here.

To elaborate the ideas, operating field and it's needs, project partners wrote a thematic analysis study to complete the canvas. Please find it here.

Additionally the lessons learnt from the innovation process of the Food Pilot, can be found from our Innovation Guide.

If you are interested to join our work with sustainable food systems, don't hesitate to contact us!

Riikka Kumpulainen

Project Manager RDI2CluB & ConnectedByBiobord

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