Aloja Starkelsen Ltd.

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ALOJA-STARKELSEN was founded in June 1991 as the first Latvian food company with foreign capital. ALOJA-STARKELSEN is located in the northern part of Latvia, near the town of Aloja.

ALOJA-STARKELSEN largest stakeholder is the 'Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter Group' with their headquarters based in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Over the years ALOJA-STARKELSEN has become the biggest potato starch producer in the Baltic States and one of the leading organic potato starch producer in the World.

ALOJA-STARKELSEN also produces a wide range of other food products like gelatin dessert, fruit jelly, baking powder, vanilla sugar, DIP sauces and much more.

Approximately 80% of production is exported to other European Union countries and the United States of America