Cereal, potato and legume breeding

Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster | Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

Priekuli Research Centre of Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics is located in Priekuli county in Vidzeme region, Latvia. The Institute's plant breeders have more than 100 year experience in plant breeding of several crops. Today, the application of up-to-date tools has been introduced and adapted in breeding process. Plant breeding is carried out for winter rye, winter triticale, spring barley, spring pea, field beans, and potato.

The researchers and plant breeders offer to develop new varieties for different farming systems with the priority being organic farming. The cooperation in plant breeding for organic farming, development of specific evaluation technologies for traits evaluation in field conditions and using molecular tools, detection of specific traits for organic farming is offered. The evaluation of plant genotypes (cereals, potato, legumes) resistance to diseases and other specific traits important for organic farming in organic growing conditions is offered to customers as well.

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