Growing technologies development for crops evaluation

Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster | Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

Priekuli Research Centre of Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics is located in Priekuli county in Vidzeme region, Latvia. The Crop management department researches soil tillage, plant protection, research on efficiency of crop growing technologies for cereals, potato, legumes, hemp, maize and other innovative crops. Every new variety needs an appropriate growing technology, even in different geographical, climatic or other changeable conditions.

The researchers will help to work out technologies or provide consultations for local growing conditions according to the relevant farming systems. Priekuli Research Center offers services to develop field trials, using appropriate machinery and special technology for precise application of fertilizers and pesticides in integrated farming systems. There is also a possibility to arrange trials in an organic field, evaluation of soil fertility, weed control, crop rotation, precrop impact, etc. Farmers, plant breeders, agricultural managers and researchers will be collaborators or customers. The field trial demonstrations in field sessions are possible. The above-described services are provided in Priekuli county in Latvia.

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