Institute for Environmental Solutions

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We - the Institute for Environmental Solutions, IES - are a young, multinational and multidisciplinary group of change agents who love to explore the unknown. We are a member of the EU Copernicus Relays and Copernicus Academy Networks - the Earth’s most ambitious observation programme to improve the management of environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change, and ensure civil security.

Inspired by science, humanities and art we look for innovative solutions that other institutions, separated by silos, might not consider. We use this holistic approach in the pursuit of a future where everyone can live well. Our goal is to develop practical solutions to prevent the depletion of the Earth’s resources and preserve nature’s wonders for the enjoyment of future generations.

We focus on real world problems, which have been highlighted by societal stakeholders rather than focusing on what we imagine the issues to be. We look at issues in the wider context. Causality, the understanding of cause and effect of our actions, has always been an important element of IES’s approach and ethos.

The world has become hugely complex and the challenges we face are of a systemic nature. Linear solutions won’t provide the breakthroughs we need.

We believe that innovation and cutting-edge technology can provide the tools and recipes for mankind to live in harmony with nature when they are used with a 21st Century Renaissance holistic approach by fusing it with arts, gastronomy, business and other human expressions and perspectives on life. This is to provide a fresh way of seeing data and generate new ideas, while helping us to communicate our experiences.