Complex water ecosystem analysis and sustainable management of water resource

Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster | Institute for Environmental Solutions

Institute for Environmental Solutions is providing a research service for complex water ecosystem analysis and sustainable management of water resources such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. The service includes a detailed description of the ecosystem functioning according to the European standard methods, which provide estimates that are comparable over time within and between waterbodies. Accurate analysis of ecosystem components (algae, macrophytes, zooplankton, zoobenthos, fish (e.g., species composition, biomass estimation, aging, feeding analyses) is carried out in the in-house laboratory by experienced researchers who have studied more than 70 Latvian waterbodies.

The services is targeted towards owners or managers of water resources within private and public sectors in Latvia and abroad. The service is provided on the basis of the fixed firm price. The team is also open for transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer to other countries and participation in international collaboration projects.

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