Testing of growing technologies for medicinal and aromatic plants

Latvian Food Bioeconomy cluster | Institute for Environmental Solutions

Emerging market trends show growing demand on commercially grown aromatic and medicinal plants (MAPs). Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) provides a service of developing of growing technologies of different varieties of MAPs. The service includes the development of experimental design, setting up trial fields and implementation of test works, including surveillance, data gathering, harvesting, analysis of statistical data and results, preparation of reports, guidelines, recommendations, etc. Evaluated parameters are growing technologies, agrotechnologies, yield, morphological, phenological and chemical quality traits. There are also possibilities for MAP testing for breeding purposes.

The service is provided in the IES's experimental fields located in Priekuli parish in Latvia. The main customers are primary producers interested in the development of new products and companies which use plant-based ingredients in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic applications. The service is provided on the basis of firm fixed price.

For more information, please refer to http://www.videsinstituts.lv/en/projects/bioeconomy .

Institute for Environmental Solutions is also open for research and industry collaboration projects in the following areas: plant domestication and breeding, etnobiology, use of digital technologies (IoT, drones, remote sensing, robotics, machine-learning) in modern agriculture, plant protection, and climate change.