INN Centre of Bioeconomy

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology is focusing sustainable management and development in wildlife, fish, forestry, plants and livestock – including products and services originated in nature and biological material. The Faculty offers R&D within our disciplines and education on bachelors-, masters- and Phd-level.

We are in progress of establishing INN Centre of Bioeconomy. The purpose of the establishment is to strengthen the Inland University’s research and education in Bioeconomy. Through the center, the University will offer research, development and innovation of international format.

INN Centre of Bioeconomy will connect the faculty's research resources and study programs more closely to the business community, policy instruments and relevant administrative bodies - regionally, nationally and internationally. The center will link the various institutes, clusters, networks and centers involved in Bioeconomy and contribute to increased interdisciplinary research, using internal and external academic environments.