BIOVALLEY launched!

March 3, 2020 | INN Centre of Bioeconomy

The Inland region, Norway, has launched BIOVALLEY!

BIOVALLEY is the region’s initiative to take the lead into the transmission from black carbon age to the green carbon age in Norway. A scenario study done by SINTEF (one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations) indicates that if the Inland region “join its forces” and the demand for green solutions regionally, nationally and internationally continue to increase it will create 25.000 new jobs and 20 billion NOK (2 billion €) of increased gross regional product for the Inland region by 2050. Biovalley is one of the most important tools in this work to make “The Inland Region – a leading powerhouse for a sustainable bioeconomy in Norway”.

The main areas of focus in the project is to:

The long-term goal is to facilitate the fulfilment of the findings in the SINTEF scenario in 2050.

Biovalley is led by Espen G Johnsen. Espen started his work as a project manager of BIOVALLEY the 2nd of January. He is the former mayor of Lillehammer, has been elected to the Norwegian parliament and been a strategic developer at Øyer municipality.

Espen states “we represent future business and industries. With the UN's sustainable development goals and an opinion changing with emphasis on climate and environment, we have much of the answer for the future sustainable development in Norway”. He will present the initiative at Biobord Hubs On Stage Tuesday 10 March.

The BIOVALLEY initiative is a cooperation between the Inland County and County Governor of Innlandet and is financed for 5 years. The project is led by a board and the members of the board are set together both from politicians, the main bioeconomy clusters of the region and representatives from the farmers.