Bioinformatics & Biodiscovery

INN Centre of Bioeconomy | Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Most biological research involves application of some type of mathematical, statistical or computational tools to help analyze biological data and integrate various types of information in the process of answering a particular biological question.

Bioinformatics involves the use of computers for storage, retrieval, analysis, and visualization of information related to biological macromolecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins.

An important principle in the bioeconomy is to utilize the total value in biomass and rest raw materials. Bioprocess technology (BPT) are the methods and tools we use to take out and isolate these products – both in the lab and at larger scale. Using physical, chemical, and enzymatic methods in BPT it is possible to separate out even very small molecules and have them prepared in a purified and active form.

Our research supports the new bioeconomy as we develop solutions for utilizing all values in the biomass. With less going to waste, we add value to rest raw materials and bring crucial nutrients back into the loop.

Project examples