Tretorget AS

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Encouraging efficient innovations in the bioeconomy and clean tech sector, Tretorget offers innovation brokers and consultants to help SMEs reach their full potential.

Tretorget is a private consultant company established in 2001, working for more and more efficient innovations in sustainable businesses. Most of our assignments are in southeast Norway, but we also undertake assignments elsewhere in both Norway and Sweden. We are deeply involved in renewable energy, environment and sustainable construction. Several projects are Triple Helix (interactions between academia, industry and governments). Our mission is to make the innovation process for the holders of any new, green business idea more efficient. We help establish new businesses and improve the performance of existing businesses.

We have cross-clustering experiences with Swedish, Finish, Danish, Austrian, Polish, Estonian and Latvian clusters. We cooperate with several clusters in Norway like the Norwegian solar energy cluster, OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster), Norwegian Wood Cluster, Arena Forest Cluster in Norway, NCE Raufoss and i4plastics.