Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue “Pro Civis”

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Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue “Pro Civis” is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent organization integrating business, academia, public administration and NGOs. Its mission concerns taking up initiatives for the support of cross-sectoral dialogue i.a. through initiation of partnerships between various entities. The Foundation works on the development of the society and economy through popularization of knowledge and sustaining the growth of entrepreneurship, especially in the fields of Poland and Świętokrzyskie region smart specialization and key enabling technologies. “Pro Civis” also implements social innovations projects. We are particularly interested in the research and implementation projects helping overcome social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

The Foundation has constituted the Institute for Technics and Technology Management, which takes up initiatives for smart and sustainable economic growth. ITTM operates in the field of know-how commercialization and market implementation of new technological solutions.

The Foundation is an associated member of BIC Bio-based Industries Consortium and member of BSR Biobord Network. We are actively engaged in the popularization of bio-based and circular economy. It works for the development of Świętokrzyskie region and Europe’s technological potential considering the efficient use of natural resources. “Pro Civis” supports the advancement of modern education systems with special attention to biobased education as well as human resources development for innovative and environmentally-friendly bioeconomy.


Biobord Contact Point: Tadeusz Pęczek