Food Hack by Biobord completed with a development of new product prototype

May 21, 2021 | Skåne, Sweden

At the end of April, the international food innovation development workshop and competition –Food Hack by Biobord – was successfully completed. Latvian companies Aloja-Starkelsen, Felici and MILZU!, as well as Lupinta from Sweden met for the second time to receive advice from food experts, ask questions of interest and listen to valuable experience stories as they approached the realization of the developed product prototype. The winning team was also expanded by inviting a newcomer – Simply NoWaste (Sweden).

In March of this year, the first part of the Food Hack by Biobord took place, gathering 6 experts and 13 companies from Sweden, Latvia, Finland and Estonia to meet the challenges of alternative proteins and functional food and develop concepts of new products by working in international teams. Hackathon winners – Lupinta (Sweden), MILZU! (Latvia), Aloja-Starkelsen (Latvia), Felici (Latvia) and Fagraslätt (Sweden) – concluded the competition by creating the first actual prototype of the product – plant based vegan pancake DIY mix, consisting of beer leftovers, brown pea and fava bean protein – called "Morning Heaven Magic Mix". The benefits of this product would be convenient use and production, the richness of organic plant-based protein and the use of lateral components of beer processing, which reduce food waste and develops a more sustainable environment.

As Fagraslätt could not continue to participate in the hackathon, the winning team made a decision to invite a new valuable player to be a part of the hacking, providing a significant support for the development and realization of the prototype of the product. Simply NoWaste (Sweden) is a Malmo based FoodTech company with a focus on upcycling of residue products

The public part of the workshop, attended by more than 40 participants, opened new presentations by experts in the field of alternative proteins and functional food, bringing together representatives of companies from Finland and Estonia. Sirli Rosenvald, PhD – Head of Product Development and Sensorics Department from Estonian Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies – provided an insight into the institution's work on research of proteins and analogues of plant origin, revealing both the methods used and their importance in conducting various studies. Margit Pruul, founder of HIID – Power of Nettle –, presented the valuable characteristics of nettles, as well as shared stories about the Estonian company's path to growth to inspire those present to create and develop innovative products using local resources. At the end of the public part, Christos Granqvist, co-founder of the Finnish company HOFU – Pure plant-based protein from pure Finnish Fava beans - a product that replaces traditional soy-based Tofu –, gave practical advice on the development of the product market from a marketing point of view.

In the second part of the event, the winners of the food hackathon had a unique opportunity to work together with experts in the field of alternative proteins and functional food, and to receive answers to various questions related to the development of the product prototype. Lupinta, MILZU! Aloja-Starkelsen, Felici and Simply NoWaste companies received valuable support from an international panel of experts on topics such as the development of innovative and sustainable food products and their flavours, as well as the possibilities of using fermentation technologies to increase the added value of the product. The panel consisted of Inge Arents, Head of Flanders' Food (Belgium), Viktoria Ollson, University of Christiansted (Sweden), Hannah Tunberg, taste expert (Sweden) and Nicolaj Ma, Danish Institute of Technology.

In the framework of Food Hack by Biobord events, not only an innovative prototype of the product has been created, but there has also been a valuable exchange of contacts and international networking. We collected the experiences of the winning team to this video, check it out: