News from the network: Increased profitability with the development of services

Aug. 5, 2021 | Värmland, Sweden

More than 30 companies have been helped to increase their profitability and to meet the challenges of the future by courses in service-driven corporate development, arranged by Paper Province.

“The idea is to provide additional knowledge for companies that work in manufacturing and explore how they can add services to increase their competitiveness”, says Per Myhrén.

Corporate development by means of service-dominated logic constitutes a powerful resource when facing increased competition from the global market.

“By adding services in the customer’s value chain, small and medium-sized businesses can become more competitive. But it requires a new way of thinking and a customer-driven development process”, explains Per Myhrén, Innovation Advisor at Paper Province.

Read more here, how 30 companies have increased services in their portfolio:

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