LignoCity 2.0

Värmland, Sweden | Paper Province

LignoCity2.0, or full name: Low carbon economy through the development of LignoCity, is a project focusing on commercializing of sustainable processes and products linked to lignin.

The goal is to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies and innovators to take the step from idea to market. We will also work to develop the area of ​​use for an underutilized raw material, minimize costs and time between development phases and lead cooperation platforms for lignin-development.

We help you

LignoCity2.0 offers a large contact network and expertise. This allows us to connect you to the right people with the skills to help you realize your ideas. We offer ways to necessary resources such as workshops, industrial floors, facilities and to some extent even financing.

We make it easier for SMEs, start-ups and innovators to develop new products and to go from an idea to a product.

We offer environmentally friendly and economically favourable solutions. Here you can read about how we can help you with the work package GO.

Master thesis

We also work to connect companies and innovators with students who are about to do their Master thesis. It’s a win-win situation – the companies get an issue related to their business or product investigated while the student is given a meaningful assignment.

The LignoCity2.0 project reaches over three years and is expected to generate both new products and companies. It extends internationally and is a unique collaboration between RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Paper Province, the Municipality of Kristinehamn and Karlstad University. LignoCity is located in Bäckhammar, next to the paper mill Nordic Paper, in Sweden.